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PALLAVI (2023)

Inspired by the Sanskrit word “pallavi”, choreographer Sooraj Subramaniam explores themes of blooming and flourishing through the Odissi dance vocabulary. This works pulls at the seams of this east-Indian dance language as it finds contemporary expression through the evolution of movement from abstract minimalism to dense, kaleidoscopic motifs to form an unapologetic expression of beauty.

PALLAVI layers the relationships between movement, space and relationships between dancing bodies, leading towards a crescendo of intensity and complexity. Over a rich musical framework featuring Carnatic (South Indian) violin and Odissi (east Indian) rhythms we find four dancing bodies moving like vines, discovering first themselves and then each other through curiosity and camaraderie, showcasing individual technical prowess as well as ensemble expression.

Concept & direction: Sooraj Subramaniam
Choreography: Sooraj Subramaniam, in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Akshiti Roychowdhury, Abhayalakshmi MB, Monami Nandy & Sriradha Paul
Dramaturgy: David Hernandez

Production: Maghenta
Music composition and lead violin: Ambi Subramaniam
Rhythmic advisor: Shivshankar Satpathy
Flute: Shadaj Godkhindi
Ghatam: Karthik Mani
Photography & trailer: Arvind Sridhar

Duration: 45 minutes
Residencies: STUK (Leuven), Danspunt (Ghent), Ritambhara Retreat  and Play Practice Artist Residency (Bengaluru)
Financial support by: City of Ghent

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