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nimbus, Sooraj's latest solo work, was born out of the fascination of seeing shapes in clouds. It is used as a metaphor for the swirling and condensing of expectation and desire, which turns to loss and despair as the elusive cloud shape-shifts and washes away. Finally, as silver linings go, whatever truth, conviction and joy there is to be found can only be sought within.

After a successful world premiere (film) at Sangam Festival, Dancehouse Melbourne in February 2021, nimbus premiered online in March 2021 for international audiences via Maghenta.

nimbus is available for bookings as a film (13 minutes) or live performance (22 minutes). 

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Following the development of previous work, Sooraj once again receives a period of residency at


Being led by movement, and maintaining a strong relationship with music, Sooraj shall investigates the meeting points of two apparently disparate dance vocabularies: Odissi, a lyrical, sensuous dance style from the east-Indian state of Odisha, and hip hop, a style that fascinates him for its urgent, explosive nature.

Through this meeting he aims to arrive at a new vocabulary that reflects his own hybrid identity and working style. More information here.

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