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Reflections Of An Indian Dancer - freesheet

Reflections Of An Indian Dancer includes excerpts from the following works:

Nandi Chol (Song of Nandi) depicts the celestial bull dancing in joyful praise of his lord, Siva. 

Lyrics and composition: Muthuswami Dikshithar (1776-1835)
Choreography: Guru Adyar K. Lakshmanan (1933-2014)

O’ blue-throated lord, whose prowess resounds across the universe,
Who wears in his crown the crescent moon, and is beloved to Parvati,
Who is the luminance of Kailash (Himalayas), and who reduced Kama (Eros) to ashes,
Your praises lie in song and scripture.


Pallavi in Raga Kalavati is an abstract dance highlighting the sculpturesque form of Odissi, followed by an expressive ode to Krishna.

Lyrics: Saint Banamali (1720-1793)
Composition: Guru Ramhari Das (1953 - )

Choreography: Guru Debaprasad Das (1932-1986)

Dear friend, behold that Krishna who plays the flute, he has stolen my heart and mind. He looks so handsome wearing a flower garland and a tilted peacock-feather in his headgear. Come, listen to the praises of that Krishna, that son of Nanda, who outshines even the god of love.

Tarana in Raga Puriya Dhanashri is a non-narrative composition showcasing the technique of Kathak.
Composition and arrangement: Kadamb Centre for Dance and Music
Choreography: Guru Kumudini Lakhia (1930 - )

Kaahe Nahi Aave Mora Piya

Composition: unknown
Arrangement: Kadamb Centre for Dance and Music
Choreography: Sanjukta Sinha


Why hasn’t he arrived, my beloved?
Like a thrilling gust he moves, neither asking nor telling
Leaving me awash in longing.

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